Reko Bardon Farm to Plate
04 JUN

Start time: 17:00
End time: 18:00
The Bardon Bowls Club – 68 Bowman Parade, Brisbane

Introducing REKO Bardon.

REKO is a Swedish based group that connects buyers and producers.

Essentially, you can buy everything from eggs, poultry, meat, fish, fruit, salad, vegetables, flowers and more.

This is a great initiative that connects consumers to producers directly. There are no middle men, the producer is the seller!

How to get involved!

1). Join the REKO Bardon Facebook Group: Start by joining the local REKO Facebook group. This is where all the updates and listings from vendors are posted.

2). Browse the Listings: Once in the group, browse through the posts to see what products are available each week. Vendors usually post what they have available along with prices.

3). Place Your Order: Comment on the vendor’s post with your order details, including the quantity you wish to purchase. Some vendors might also provide alternative ways to contact them for placing orders, such as via direct message.

4). Pick Up Your Order: Orders can be picked up every Tuesday between 5-6pm at the Bardon Bowls club. Make sure to bring your payment method as specified by the vendor.

It has never been so easy to support our local producers!

Get behind this wonderful initiative!