Super Green Medley


🌻 Super Green Medley 100g $16
🌱 Kale
🌱 Cabbage
🌱 Mild Mustard
🌱 Broccoli
🌱 Purple Kohlrabi

Crafted for the flavour enthusiasts, this medley includes tender Kale MicroGreens with a mild, sweet taste, and Broccoli MicroGreens adding an earthy, slightly bitter note. Enjoy the mild sweetness of Cabbage MicroGreens and the unique, nutty hint of Purple Kohlrabi. The Mild Mustard MicroGreens provide a subtle spice, perfect for elevating salads and soups.

Each green is carefully grown for premium quality, ensuring a fresh, vibrant addition to your dishes. Indulge in this nutritious and delicious blend, and transform your culinary creations.

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