urban medley microgreens

Urban Medley (fortnightly)

Crave flavour and opulence?

Ditch the usual greens and unlock a world of taste with our weekly Urban Medley!

Each fortnight, we curate a 400g symphony of fresh, diverse MicroGreens handpicked for their complementary flavour profiles and culinary versatility.

Note: image is a guide only – MicroGreen contents will vary.

$40.00 / 2 Weeks

Urban Medley is your ticket to:


  • Salad reinvention: Add vibrant pops of spice, earthiness, or peppery bite to hoist your greens game.
  • Smoothie supercharge: Infuse your blends with nutrient-packed pops of flavour and way more nutrients that go beyond just spinach.
  • Juice with gusto: Boost your daily dose of vitamins and phytonutrients with these nutrients charged greens.
  • Soup it up: Uncover layers of delicate herbal notes or a peppery kick to take your super healthy broths to the next level.
  • Garnishing splendour: Decorate any dish with the visual and taste bud-tingling beauty of fresh rainbow-coloured MicroGreens.

Why Medley?

More than just variety, it’s about:

  • Seasonal: We handpick the week’s best greens, ensuring peak flavour and nutrient density.
  • Discover: Explore new taste combinations and unlock the hidden potential of your creative kitchen.
  • Nutrients: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our microgreens are nature’s tiny nutritional rockets.
  • Convenience: Get your weekly fix of fresh greens straight to your door ready to unleash your culinary creativity.

Ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace the Urban Medley Magic?

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urban medley microgreensUrban Medley (fortnightly)
$40.00 / 2 Weeks